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Welcome to the website of Lichtenfels- Neukirchen.

Neukirchen is a district of Lichtenfels in the Hessian Waldeck- Frankenberg.

Neukirchen is located in the southwest part of the district Waldeck -Frankenberg about 25 km southwest of the county town of Korbach and 25 km west of Edersees . East past the village of Nuhne inflow Olfe runs in which the flows coming from the west Neukirchen Lohgraben below .

Enjoy the village life , the charm and warmth with us . Tradition and modernity , tradition and culture are combined here in a very special way. Walk in and around Neukirchen exploring and enjoying this Erfahrung.In Neukirchen are peace and tranquility at home . Nevertheless, much is required for active holidays. Beautiful hiking trails invite you to explore the wonderful countryside. The peasant village, and the traditional hospitality then do the rest to make you feel at home in Neukirchen .

The town of Lichtenfels, with its 8 neighborhoods nestled in the hilly landscape of the " Waldeck Switzerland " . Landmark is the medieval castle "Burg Lichtenfels" in Lichtenfels Dalwigksthal , which was built about 800 years ago, high on the banks of the lttle river Orke . The landscape in Waldecker Land characterized by the natural idyll , clean air and lush plant life and is an ideal holiday destination for the whole family . Is an extensive hiking area with rolling hills and valleys, extends along the banks of Aar , Orke and Nuhne . Through the newly created Lichtenfelser panorama of Kellerwaldsteig is connected to the Rothaarsteig . Experience a unique landscape that combines the natural park basement Edersee with the Rothaar-mountains .